ALVòLO: time to order!

ALVòLO is the independent app that allows you to receive your orders in total autonomy, both for pick-up at the point of sale and for delivery.
ZERO commissions, ZERO constraints.

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Everything you need for your customers.

Scanning the QR code identification of your restaurant, your customers will find themselves directly on the of the menu, without wasting time searching for you among your competitors.
They will be able to see descriptions and photos, choose the variants on each course, the mode of pick-up and delivery, the payment method.

ALVòLO - Everything you need for your customers.

Natively integrated,
born indipendent.

ALVòLO was born as a standalone solution designed to manage menus, photos, and orders directly from the app in use to the restaurateur. But it does not end here: ALVòLO is also natively integrated with the main POS software and the most modern payment systems.

Choose if you want to harge by cash, or smart payments like Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Satispay.

Yes, the 'old' credit card is still valid.

ZERO commissions,
ZERO restraints.

ALVòLO does not burden your business neither with commissions or percentages on the sale nor with recharges on delivery.
ALVòLO allows you to receive your order and manage it as you prefer. No matter how many orders you place, the fee does not increase and helps you grow your digital business.

Promote your business
on the fly with our
Starter Kit

ALVòLO provides you with all the material to promote your new sales model both at the physical point of sale and on digital channels. Facebook cover, template for your posts on Instagram, badge for your website. It will be even faster to convince your customers to place ALVòLO orders.

Download it now for iOS or Android:

Appe Store Google Play Store